Port Ballast Pump Discharge Pipeline Renewal Work

Hydrophore Tank Inlet Pipe Renewal Work

Cell Guide Renewal Work

Repair Platform Work

Side Shell Renewal Work

Preload Pump Piping System Fabrication and Installation

Draft Line Marking & Welding

Bridge Wing Plate Renewal Work


Monorail Gear Tooth Renewal Work

Install Winch Sling Wire on Winch Motor

Install Winch Sling Wire on Cylindrical Platform

Gangway Stowing Davit Installation Portside

Visual Check Condition of Gasket and Plate

Clean Cooler Plate One by One

CCR Aft Package Air Cond Repair Work

Air Compressor Repair Work

Oil Spillage Cleaning Works IWO Bay 70

Hydraulic Oil Spillage

HFO Tank Cleaning And Disposal

Container Cleaning Work at Leak Area

Ship Hull Painting

Painting And Renaming At Funnel Tower

Hanging Staging for Pipe Renewal

Christmas Tree Cosmetic Work

Work Boat for Private Company

Work Boat for Private Company

Work Boat for Private Company

Built for local Majlis

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